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Delaware County Criminal Defense Lawyers Standing Up for Juvenile Justice

Our attorneys in Delaware County help kids and teens handle criminal charges and other fair treatment issues

When children under the age of 18 get in trouble with the law, they are generally treated differently than adults facing similar charges. The goal of the juvenile justice system differs from the criminal justice system in that more of an emphasis is placed on rehabilitation than punishment.

When your child makes a serious mistake, gets caught up in peer pressure or the wrong friends, or acts under the influence of underage drinking or drugs, you need to protect your son or daughter’s rights and future. You need a Montgomery County criminal defense attorney well-versed in the juvenile justice system who can help minimize the consequences of a guilty plea or conviction.

Paul W. Tressler, a proud member of our team, served as Administrative Judge of the Juvenile Court, where he instituted the first truancy program in Pennsylvania as well as additional programs geared at better serving children and teenagers. He currently stands on the other side of the courtroom as a Montgomery County criminal law attorney, representing children and teens with juvenile charges pending against them. He knows what it takes to best represent your son, daughter, niece, nephew or grandchild and how to achieve the most favorable outcome.

Delaware County Criminal Defense Lawyers fighting to resolve your child’s education concerns

If your child has been expelled from school, the law firm of Mandracchia Law, LLC can help. Upon explusion, damaging personal information is added to your child’s student record. We fight to remove this information that would otherwise hinder your child’s chances at a promising educational future. We can also assist in fair treatment cases if you believe your child’s right to free speech or protection from discrimination is not being upheld.

The law firm of Mandracchia Law, LLC can also ensure that an Individualized Education Program (IEP) is properly prepared to address the special needs of your child. If you feel that your child’s IEP is not being implemented and your complaints go unanswered, contact Mandracchia Law, LLC for professional and compassionate assistance. We have the experience necessary to make sure your child’s school complies with the IEP.

Aggressive and effective Delaware County Criminal Defense Attorneys who advocate for our clients

Mandracchia Law, LLC is a multi-state law firm that focuses individual attention on each client and case. Our criminal defense lawyers in Delaware County proudly offer ethical, aggressive and knowledgeable representation.

Our unique team approach allows clients to benefit from our attorneys’ combined experience of more than 100 years. To speak with a criminal defense attorney in Montgomery County about a juvenile charge or other legal matter, call 610-584-0700 today, or contact us online.

Mandracchia Law, LLC is located in Montgomery County, serving clients in Montgomery County, Berks County, and the suburban Delaware County area.

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